Saturday, March 17, 2012

Platen Press

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Letterpress Printing and Printers
Letterpress printing from raised metal type was the primary means of mass communication for over 500 years. While no longer an economically significant segment of the printing market, letterpress continues to live on for specialized commercial applications and, perhaps more importantly, as the heart and soul of a wonderful avocational world known as the private press movement. Crane, the luxury paper company, has prepared a lovely brochure explaining letterpress so that you can be an informed customer for high-quality letterpress work. If you are not interested in printing yourself, but simply want the unique look and feel that results from this classic process, many of the thousands of letterpress printers in the world would be pleased to undertake a commission for you, whether for a wedding invitation or an entire book. Links and contact information for letterpress printers are available in a state by state directory from Crane, a nice list put together by HOW magazine, and in the (comprehensive but out of date) International Directory of Private Presses. If, however, you have decided to take the plunge and try your own hand at this most wonderful of artistic crafts, take heart from words of J. Ben Lieberman, the father of the American Chappel movement in the late twentieth century: