Sunday, April 29, 2012

Glue Binding Machine

Glue Binding Machine welcome to our blog information we provide to you the viewers internet and if you are a company engaged in the printing of course you have to equip your company with supporting facilities such as printing machines such as glue binding machine as described below.

1.New style heavy machine with substantial frame.

2.Electric circuit countrolled by the photo electricity.

3. Precise glue binding keeps the spine of book smath and flat.

4.Touch the key then you can finish all th flow,very convenient and quick

5.Double rollers make sure the paper won't take off

6.High Speed alloy milling cutter fully keep coat paper.It can be adjust according to different operating Speed.

7.Digital display screen,independent key-press function and self-checking function.

Glue Binding Machine

The max. length of binding book:380mm(A4)
The max. height  of binding book:50mm
Binding speed:     250books/h
Slippage type:     beeline
Warm-up time:      about 25 minutes
Electric:     220v 50hz 1300w
Packing size:     1280x540x1010mm
GW.:     150KG