Friday, May 25, 2012

CTP Thermal Plate

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Technical Features of Ausetter 400 Series

Use conventional plate
Use conventional plate is the lowest consumable cost at present moment.

Mature and reliable technology of 24-48channel discrete 400-410nm laser diode
The Ausetter 400 U series can produce extremely sharp and clear screen dots with the conventional plate ( long running life ).It is completely daylight operation and with a stable working life over several ten thousands hours. So it comes out more cost effective.

External drum design
Using the bend and clamp technology from the printing machines.It turns out good registration and quality dots with an increditable speed up to 28 (800mmx660) plate per hour.

Our autofocus feature can keep constant distance between the laser and plate in real time mode. That is can eliminate error arise from any irregular surface of the plate during the plate production in turns can save a lots of material and time.

Unique screen control technology
With our precise dot compensation technology we can generate distinguishable gray scale between 1 to 99 %.

Easy operation
With highspeed USB2.0 interface. Ausetter 4 U Series can easily install and operate like a printer with the plug and play technology.

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