Saturday, May 5, 2012

Heat Transfer Printing Machine

Heat Transfer Printing Machine an information about the machines that you need is to know where the distributor of printing machines to transfer printing machine of this type, we present here about a company that sells the machine Heat Transfer Machine ASH-2  distributors are trying to visit his blog you will know more detailed information.



1. Main body is made of FC25 die casting steel material with strong structure.     Precise     assembly provides low frictions and stable pressure.
2. Die casting table provides strong and flat surface for hot stamping
3. Safety button avoids any miss trigger
4. Big step switch is strong and easily operated
5. Micro adjustment knob provides fine tuner of pressure
6. Easily and fast adjustment of heater level can be tuned by big diameter hand wheel
7. Well design foil feeding structure is not affected by axis of foil roller
8. Optional table can be easily changed or installed
9. 3 timers control system: Press, Delay and Foil feed time can be easily adjusted.