Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Web Offset Machines

Web Offset Machines This is a wide range of brands from the engine on the web that there are some companies that provide paper printing machine sales for the brand you want just select it with the brand preferences of each collection you want below, there are three types of machines that are well known web  depending on options you want to choose to buy this machine please read first would be the means of this web engines.

KBA Comet
Cut off 578mm, Web width 914mm, 2 - MEG Autopasters, 2 x 4 High Towers ( 1996 & 1998), KBA remote Inking, Conventional Dampening, KBA ERGOTronic Press Control, Quad/Tech RGS IV Automatic Register, 2 x MECTEC Phazer Ovens, 3 x KBA KF 64 folder

Cut off 560 mm, 1120 mm cylinder circumference, Web width 1590 mm,10 MAN 2 Arm Autopasters, 2 - 4 High Towers, 8 Satellite printing units with half-deck, 1 Double Delivery Folder with Balloon Former, 1 Folder single Former

MAN Rotoman N
Cut off 630mm, Web width 965mm, Speed 60000 Copies/Hour, Butler 7000 Autopaster, Infeed, Web Guide, 8 - Print Units, PECOM Press Control, Quad/Tech RGS IV, MEGTEC Dual Dry TNV Oven with integral After-Burner, 2 - Chill Roll Units, Web Guides, MAN Folder, Vits Sheeter