Friday, June 1, 2012

Laminator Machine

Laminator Machine the latest information you should know by the presence of the needs of mesin lamiantor g will be able to work you completed quickly and appropriately to have a laminating machine that is reliable then complet e of a printing press to be more perfect and complete in the print world, thank you for visiting you on the blog masanjar information may be a bridge of friendship between us all.

machine HLC Series automatic cardboard Laminating Machine, which is suitable for thin sheet, cardboard, gray cardboard,and chrome paper  between any two materials against the skin, bond.The joint precision is high,and don't influence the cardboard shape.The cupboard lining paper is suitable for making wine boxes, shoe boxes, tags, hang cards


•    Innovative dynamic aligning, synchronized laminating mechanism.

•    Low frames “E” style design for the convenience of pallet truck feed paper.

•    Front-top suction feeder system. feed paper speedy and smoothly without any adjustment.

•    “Shake-loose” Collecting system: Capable of loosening the mullet-laid finished products and push neat and ensure smooth collection of paper.

•    Electrical calibration of rotate speed and press length.

•    PLC control system,they can detect operation condition, irregularities, maintenance and working record automatically.

•    High precision coating system, it can be accurately adjusted to different type of papers to ensure even coating of glue