Monday, May 21, 2012

XA GH524 Offset Printing Machine

XA GH524  Offset Printing Machine in  showroom you can direct message with the number masanjar Telp.021-99725617 or Hp.081392703825  if you want to buy only indirectly message on his showroom is located in the city of Tangerang is your easy reach of many area and this machine can you see in the showroom direct sales distributor  machine Tangerang

 1.Heavy Duty Construction

The GH524  is built using cast iron base and side frames 60mm thick for a solid and stable structure.  With features such as outside helical drive gears, bearer to bearer contact and a continuous oil bath the GH524 was designed to provide high quality and durability in a heavy use printing environment.  The GH524 uses pneumatic cylinders for impression and roller drop for smoother engagement and longer life of critical parts.

     2. Sheet Transfer System

Equipped with a high speed feeder head, vacuum belt register board and mechanical pull guides the GH524 precisely feeds sheets into an over swing gripper at speeds up to 12,000 iph.  The sheets are then transferred to the delivery using a positive grip cam closed gripper system.


The GH524is equipped with numerous time saving automated features.  Hans Gronhi’s semi automatic plate loading system drastically reduces make ready time by allowing the operator to accurately change all 4 plates in approximately 8 minutes.  A linear controlled dampening system automatically compensates the dampener with changes in press speed.  Touch panel control permits the operator to move the image horizontally, vertically and also skew while the press is running.

     4.Ink Control Console

The GH524 has an optional color control console.  With segmented keys the console allows the operator to achieve more consistent color throughout the job.  The console is equipped with CIP3 software to pre-set the ink fountains further reducing make ready time and paper waste.  This PC operated system also has job memory to record settings for re-prints.